Hold any key to enjoy a nice, well-deserved ray of sun.

At some point you will be asked to get back to the real world.

If you want some more time, you can always press "r" to restart.


Shader : SnutiHQ | Skybox : Keijiro Takahashi | Sofa : berkayc

Music : Sergey Cheremisinov  | Font : Jana Matthäus


sun laze is an atmospheric vignette made in two days  for the Pang Pang Club's #VignettePPJ.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagsartgame, Atmospheric, Cozy, Endless, lounging-simulator, meditation, Relaxing, Short, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button, Textless


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Awesome game very relaxing!

Thanks a lot for sharing this chill session !


wow these comments are old.. i think this game is amazing! i love chilling in the couch with the sun

Loaded on a windows8.1-laptop (with open-source basilisk browser) & after "run" I can see a black/white object blinking. Seems bit buggy in that case? While I don't want to send a low rating, just thought letting you know in the comment for possible fixes?

Oh the shader seems to be not so happy.. It’s clearly a compatibility issue, never tried on basilisk and just did the basic WebGL unity export. Honestly I’m not the best at fixing those issues but I will try something. Thanks for the input !

You're welcome and probably it's just appearing on this browser. At least the title and preview looks cool & other games will work fine. So I also thought adding info about the system to get you a better method of probably searching how to fix it / knowing which platforms could have issues, so if other users would test it on a similar device or browser, they could know it maybe gets some different visuals I guess.

If you're on discord, I could offer you could maybe start the game / streaming it there, how it should look like and I could view it indirectly than actively playing it, still there's a chance for reviewing it and finding possible options which features could be added or looking unique in its design, etc.? Also videos there could less "lag" my connection, while for testplaying games here I could mainly just open exactly one of them and hoping it won't get the whole tab crashed.

Belle ambiance lumineuse ^^


Good use of lighting ;)


Je veux juste prendre le soleil sur mon canapé en fermant les yeux et en pensant à l'avenir radieux qui m'attend dans mes rêves.


A new genre is born:

Lounging simulator